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Family Counseling

Click the links below to find out more about Family Counseling at Cartersville Counseling & Therapy:
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Is your family struggling to get along?
  • Do you find it difficult to avoid family conflict?

  • Is your family beset by power struggles, sibling rivalry or marital difficulties between parents?

  • Do you just wish your family members could learn to communicate better?

  • Do you just wish the arguments could stop?

Many, many families report significant conflict nowadays!

The health of the family relationship is the most critical factor in determining each members’ mental health and long term success! Working on the emotional health of the family as a whole through family therapy, with a skilled, warm family therapist, will have tremendous benefits to each members’ well-being!

A family is a united system, whatever each member is going through affects everyone else. Trying to resolve an individual problem without working on the system as a whole can often prove to be insufficient.

One of the main problems is communication.

Family members are often not aware of what their fellow members think and feel about important things. This creates tremendous problems, because each family member is unaware of how their words and actions are affecting the rest of the family. In addition, a lack of communication can create a lack of empathy between family members, which can be perceived as a lack of care, kindness or concern.

At Cartersville Counseling & Therapy, we can work with your family to get each member's thoughts, feelings, needs and desires out in the open. After working on communication in a no-blame environment, we can assist you in reducing the arguing and fighting that you have been experiencing.

Family therapy can reconnect what once was broken.

Through family  counseling, each family member can regain a sense of love, connection, and confidence. You will learn how to listen and understand one another, both inside and outside of the therapy office. We want you to know how to nurture and sustain a healthy relationship between each family member that can last a lifetime.

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