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Child Counseling

Click the links below to find out more about Child Counseling at Cartersville Counseling & Therapy:
Are you worried that your child is really struggling to feel and function well?
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  • Do you have a strong sense that your child is experiencing emotional or behavior difficulties?

  • Have you noticed that your child worries a lot, gets upset easily, is frequently sad or irritable, or has difficulty calming down once upset?

  •  Is your child experiencing difficulty at school with following directions, staying focused, or completing tasks?

  • Are you experiencing frustration, questioning your parenting abilities and grappling to understand why your child is struggling so much?

Watching your child struggle emotionally, socially or academically can be a very painful and frustrating experience. As a parent, you may feel concerned, guilty or helpless if you don’t have a clear understanding of how to help your child. It’s also common to feel worried about your child’s behaviors and how these may impact his or her future adjustment.  If your child is moody, irritable, disruptive or lethargic, it can affect the whole family, creating imbalance and discord throughout your home. It’s very common for parents in these situations to feel emotionally drained and even dread coming home.

It can also be difficult to determine if your child is going through a phase or if something deeper is occurring. Generally, if your child seems to be struggling in more than one area (school, work, peer relationships, etc.) or is unable to function well in one specific area, getting help may be critical. Thankfully, Cartersville Counseling & Therapy can help to determine what’s really going on with your child and offer education, support, relief and empowering options for positive change.

Child counseling offers support and guidance for your child and your family.

Child counseling can be very helpful, and it can provide immediate relief for both you and your child. We will work in partnership with you to determine the root cause of your child’s struggles, help you gain a clear understanding about what is going on, and provide you will practical treatment options.

Your child’s therapist can assess your child’s developmental milestones, in order to create a treatment plan that includes realistic expectations for your child’s age and stage. In addition to feedback, your therapist will provide you with concrete tools, skills and strategies for creating a family environment that best supports both you as a parent and your child.

Your child’s therapist will also work with your child to help him or her recognize why they feel certain ways in certain situations. Your child can learn words to label and share their feelings in a constructive manner, while also developing ways to manage frustration, stress and disappointment. Through conversation and age-appropriate play, your therapist can also help your child identify strengths and activities that make him or her feel happy and successful. This can help your child think more positively and build confidence. In child counseling sessions, we teach children essential tools that make up the cornerstone of emotional intelligence, helping your child cope with stress and adversity throughout their lifetime.

But, you still may have questions or concerns…

Is my child is going through a phase or is something deeper going on?

You are your child’s best advocate and know him or her better than anyone else. If your instincts are telling you that something problematic is going on for your child, a consultation may really help to determine if therapy or other treatments could provide relief. Every child and family situation is different, but child counseling is often an easy and very helpful process. Early intervention can do so much to help both you and your child gain the tools and skills you need to feel successful. It’s often said, “small child, small problem; big child, big problem.” Getting help now may help prevent behaviors and patterns from worsening and/or becoming entrenched. With tools and support, it is possible for your child to feel and function better and for improved harmony within your home.

I’m afraid that if we go to child counseling, we’ll learn that something is really wrong.

The fear that something may be really wrong is more common than you may think. However, it can be so reassuring to know what’s actually going on for your child – and it’s often not as bad as parents think. And, until you know, you will likely be consumed with worry, which benefits no one.

We can partner with you to determine the core issues affecting your child and help devise a manageable treatment plan. Your child can get the support that he or she needs. And, you can get the education and guidance you need to make informed and empowering decisions for your child and family.

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