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Adult Counseling

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Are you struggling to find joy in your life?
Adult Counseling
  • Are you experiencing overwhelming stress or anxiety?

  • Are you struggling in your important relationships?

  • Is it hard to function some days, making you want to go back to bed?

  • Do you feel bad, but just can't figure out why?

Feeling unhappy, highly anxious and discouraged can have a grave impact on your life, especially when you’re trying to juggle family and work responsibilities and still make time to care for yourself. You may be experiencing intense emotions triggered by a loss, illness or a significant life transition. You could be prone to depression or anxiety. Or, you may have no idea why you’re feeling so bad and feel guilty for not being more engaged at work or with your family. It’s totally normal to experience periods of time that just don’t feel good, but when these moments turn into weeks or months, it’s important to get professional help to identify and address your unhappiness.

Many people experience the ups and downs of life’s emotional roller-coaster.

Almost all of us go through some period of time when we experience a loss, transition or challenge that makes our lives feel overwhelming or even unmanageable. During these down times, it’s only natural to seek comfort and relief from emotional pain. Unfortunately, there are many “quick fixes” that can numb pain, but actually make things worse, such as self-medicating with alcohol or drugs, food and “retail therapy.” There is also the tendency to withdraw from friends and family and become isolated during these tough times. While some people may be able to push through challenging times on their own, others can benefit from going to counseling. If you are struggling, adult counseling can be a valuable place to get support, guidance and practical solutions so you can feel better and enjoy your life.

You can feel better, and adult counseling can help.

It can be so helpful to have someone point out the strengths we may have forgotten we have, the blind spots we may not know exist and to offer a different and informed perspective. And, during challenging times, it can also be beneficial to have a compassionate therapist help us identify and address those aspects of our lives and of ourselves that are causing pain.

Your Cartersville Counseling & Therapy therapist can provide you with the safe and nonjudgmental space to work through challenging emotions and painful situations. Your therapist will help you view things from different perspectives, offer honest feedback and provide ongoing support. Together, you can identify your self-limiting patterns and learn effective ways of handling stress and conflict.

And, most importantly, your therapist can help you re-connect to your inner talents, yearnings and strengths. It is possible to feel like yourself again – maybe even better than before – and to experience more ease, flow and joy in your life.

But, you still may have questions or concerns…

Therapy can take a lot of time and it isn’t cheap. I’m not sure it’s worthwhile.

Therapy is an investment in yourself and in your family. By investing in yourself now, you are not only creating the opportunity to feel better sooner, but therapy can also help you create a solid emotional foundation that you can draw on the rest of your life. Unprocessed or misunderstood feelings can also impact how you engage in relationships, influence productivity at work, increase stress and affect your family. However, working through difficult feelings can create the space for emotionally healthy relationships and improved self-esteem.

I’m worried that I might learn that something is wrong with me – that I’m crazy – and I’ll lose control of my life.

You’re likely just feeling really bad right now. However, addressing strong emotions with a professional therapist will make it less likely that you’ll lose control. This is counter-intuitive, but very true. When individuals gain self-awareness and healthy coping skills, they become more effective at handling difficult situations. So when you’re contemplating reaching out for counseling, you are making steps to gain more control of your life.

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