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Grief Counseling

  • Are you withdrawing from your family and friends?

  • Are you feeling helpless and not in control?

  • Do you move back and forth between depression and anger?

  • Are you having problems concentrating?

  • Are you experiencing a"hole" or loss in your life?

After a significant loss, you may experience many overwhelming emotions: sadness, anger, depression, guilt, and others. You may want to be alone, or you may crave companionship. Friends and family members may not always understand what you are going through. Although most people experience grief and a sense of loss at some point in their lives, grieving is a process that is unique to each individual. 

Why do I feel guilty?

People will often feel guilty about stuff that they did or did not do or say. Or they might feel bad because they are starting to grieve less intensely and are not always thinking about the person they have lost.

If you are experiencing guilt with your grieving process. Cartersville Counseling & Therapy recommends that you talk it over with a therapist to better understand where the feeling of guilt is coming from. The counselor will assist you during your grieving process, and help you to adjust to the changes in your life.

No one will listen to me.

Often when someone is experiencing a loss, they want someone to listen to them. The problems is that your family and friends are not sure what to say to comfort you. Because they feel awkward and do not want to make things worse, they might avoid any real conversations about your loss.

It is a good decision to seek out a grief counselor. This type of therapist is able to listen and hear what you have to say about your loss and  the pain that it is causing you. The counselor can also make recommendations that can assist you through your grieving process.

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