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Pornography Addiction

porn addiction
  • Are you obsessing about pornographic materials?

  • Have you been having problems connecting with your spouse?

  • Have you been experiencing increased risk of unprotected sexual encounters ?

  • Are you spend less quality time with your family and friends?

  • Have you been using drugs or alcohol to enhance your sexual activities?

People often become addicted to pornography because it allows them to escape into fantasies, rather than coping with reality. Porn is also a distraction that enables people to put off dealing with problems or painful emotions. Cartersville Counseling & Therapy addresses these issues and explores why an individual might want to indulge in these types of fantasies.

Does my spouse have a problem with pornography?

Do you suspect that there is trouble in your relationship, but can not figure out where the problem lies? Questions of infidelity and a lack of intimacy are often concerns that will arise with the use of pornography. However, there are certain persistent behaviors that can indicate that there is a larger issue at hand. Signs of addiction to pornography can include a lack of social motivation, a lack in sexual interest in a relationship or non-responsive reactions to sexual acts, changes in sexual preferences, excessive time spent on the internet, financial loss or increased spending for paid pornography services, and defensive communication when approaching the subject. If these signs are prevalent and if you or someone you know is being deeply affected by this addiction in everyday life, it is important to seek treatment.

Is recovery from porn addiction possible?

With the right treatment by a counselor and the right attitude by the addicted individual, it is possible to recover from this terrible condition. Like any other type of addiction, there are two key aspects to pornography addiction: the physical and the psychological.

Pornography addiction distorts brain functioning. It alters the naturally produced neurotransmitters in the brain that regulate communications between the cells, the muscles, and the organs. Pornography addiction needs to be treated by professionals knowledgeable and trained in addictive behaviors.

The emotional aspect of a this addiction must also be examined closely and treated. If a return to healthy sexual behavior is to occur, the psychological part of the addiction must be addressed through individual and couples counseling


Withdrawal symptoms may accompany the cessation of behavior associated with porn addiction. An addict needs to learn about the nature of addiction, the “people, places, and things” concept that can trigger a return to addictive behavior, stress reduction techniques, self estimable behavior and a host of other addiction related issues that can help a person manage abstinence.

Oftentimes, an individual suffering from a this addiction will also suffer from a mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety, antisocial behavior, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or a drug or alcohol addiction. Under such circumstances, a proper diagnosis is necessary to treat all addictions and mental health disorders.

The bottom line is that a person can overcome their addiction to pornography, but it will not be easy. Remember that you did not get addicted overnight, and the recovery is also going to take some time.

But, you still may have questions or concerns...

Porn addiction counseling can take a lot of time, and its isn't cheap. I'm not sure its worthwhile.

Any type of addiction counseling is an investment in yourself and in your family. Porn addiction can impact your productivity at work, as well as your relationship with friends and family. By investing in yourself now, you are not only creating the opportunity to feel better sooner, but you are also protecting other areas in your life that can suffer when you’re not feeling well.

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