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9 Quick Tips for Landing your Ideal Position

Are you ready to make the most of your next interview? Here are a few simple tips that will have you presenting your very best!

1. Use the internet to research the industry and company. Expect to be asked details about the interviewing company and its industry. Questions could focus on the company's target audience, position ranked in its industry and identifying who the primary players are within the industry.

2. Prepare for common interview questions. Prepare to be asked questions that require you to disclose several areas of opportunities (weakness), and what you did to overcome them in past positions.

3. Practice your interview. Take the time to practice answering interview questions with someone. Roleplaying the interview process will relieve some of the anxiety, and leave you less likely to be tongue-tied when you answer a question.

4. Be positive. During the interview, DO NOT focus on negative experiences! Interviewers do not want to hear about how bad your last manager was, or how unfair the last company was to you. Complaints are a red flag for an interviewer to skip you, and keep looking for a qualified candidate elsewhere.

5. Show up 30 minutes early. Don’t take any chances, show up early. If you cannot be punctual, don’t bother going to the interview.

6. Bring a copy of your resume to each interview. If your resume has been misplaced or is not available for the interviewer, being prepared with an extra copy will make a strong impression.

7. Present a strong first impression. Dress appropriately to match the company’s dress code. When introducing yourself, make eye contact and provide a firm handshake. After you are seated, DO NOT sit back. Sit at the edge of your seat. This will cause you to lean forward, and it will present an image of being attentive and highly motivated. Lastly, avoid wearing any strong scents. You do not want the interviewer more focused on how you smell, then what you are saying.

8. Prepare questions for the interviewer. At some point during the interview, you will be asked if you have any questions. This is not the time to suddenly go quiet. This is actually a great chance for you to stand out from your competition. A good solid question to ask is, “What characteristics are you looking for in an ideal candidate for this position?” Once the interviewer answers this question, you have literally been handed the cheat sheet for this interview. At this point, you should spend a few minutes addressing how your own work experiences will allow you to demonstrate the characteristics being sought.

Another question that can be asked is, “What do you like best about being a part of this company?” This question will allow the interviewer to speak about his or her own personal experiences, and as we all know…everyone likes to talk about themselves.

9. Send a thank-you note. Before leaving the interview, ask the interviewer for his or her business card. This will provide you with the correct spelling of the interviewer’s name and email address.

Within 24 hours of the interview, write a thank-you note that reflects your appreciation for the interviewer’s time interviewing you. Customize the thank-you by referring to several things that were discussed during the interview process.

If you would like to discover other helpful tips and tidbits about landing your ideal position, visit me at or send me (Daryl Gessner) an email at

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