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The Best Productivity Hacks for Working from Home

In this modern age of multi-platform computing, Wi-Fi access and cloud storage, more and more companies are allowing their employees and contractors to work from home.The question is how do you, as a work from home kind of person, make the most of it? Regardless if you are a student doing long-distance learning or an employee/contractor doing business off-site, here are some helpful tips to keep you focused, productive and not losing your sanity.

  1. Live by a daily schedule. Set a regular routine that follows the same pattern each day, similarly to as if you were going into the actual office. This routine should have you waking up, showering, and getting dressed on a regular schedule. I also highly recommend that you make your bed each morning before starting the day as well. By following a routine, you are more likely to start each day more focused and better prepared for the events of the upcoming day.

  2. Make daily plans. Always have a list that identifies what needs to be accomplished each day. The list should be adaptable, but organized by priority. It should have realistic goals that are attainable.

  3. Set boundaries. Establish boundaries with family, friends and coworkers about your availability during working hours. If you would not be available at the actual office, you should not be available at the home office. Many people discover that when boundaries are not clearly set from the beginning, your daily productivity diminishes quickly with each new interruption.

  4. Have mandatory breaks. To stay fresh and focused throughout the day, you need to periodically step away from the desk and get some coffee or fresh air. Remember this is not a time for others to interrupt you; this is a chance for you to catch your breath. By taking short, frequent breaks, you will be more energized and focused on your tasks.

  5. Schedule non-work related appointments in the morning. Treat non-work related appointments as if you were going into the office each day. To minimize the impact of the interruptions, schedule all such appointments for the morning. This will allow you to remain focused throughout the rest of your day when you are able to return to your home office.

  6. Use technologies to your advantage. To be successful in your endeavors, you need to have the latest technologies assisting you. Utilizing cloud storage and high speed Wi-Fi is a must. In today’s world, you need to be able to provide access to important documents and files to anyone in the world who needs them. Using Dropbox or Google Drive is a method of sharing information that is multi-platform friendly.

  7. Create a comfortable work environment. Just like any office that you spend time in, your home workplace needs to be efficient and comfortable. Additionally, one of the best investments that can be made for a home office is a high end business chair. Having a workplace that offers inspiration, but not distractions is crucial for anyone working at home.

  8. Make actual contact with work associates. Although working from home has many positive aspects, don’t lose out on the power of personal contact. Remember to schedule occasional visits into the business office, or at least meet your business peers and managers for an occasional lunch.

Although working from home sounds like the perfect work environment, it takes a person who has strong self-discipline to be successful. If you can manage to follow these tips and stay focused on the work, then you are the ideal candidate for a home office environment.

If you are curious about this and other business related articles, please visit me at You can also contact me (Daryl Gessner) about any questions or comments that you might have at

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