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5 Effective Tips to Self-Marketing (and they're free)

How do you take your career to the next level? Regardless of whether you are a business owner, self-employed or a job seeker, you NEED to know how to market yourself. Here are some winning strategies to building a presence and establishing your expertise. The best part is that it’s FREE!

  1. Share your knowledge. Identify your areas of interest and knowledge, and write, write, write about them. Use the magic of the internet to start a blog or contribute an online article that is timely, well-written and valuable to others. The point is to share your knowledge, become recognized for your expertise and to be searchable on the internet through your writings.

  2. Leverage email. Whenever you communicate with others in a professional manner via email, include a link to your latest article within your e-signature.

  3. Use the power of social media. Pick one or two types of social media that you feel comfortable with and share your expertise. One recommendation for Facebook is to start your own group that focuses on your area of interest. As the group membership grows, it will build a community of like-minded individuals who are connecting through your group. As the creator and administrator of the group, your own reputation as an expert will also continue to grow.

  4. Commit your skills to others. Reach out to your community and volunteer your talents and skills to a local nonprofit organization. Through mentoring and the offering of your services, you will build a network within the community that will establish your local presence.

  5. Speak publicly. Identify ways to share your knowledge and expertise through public speaking. Use your newly created community contacts to be available for any opportunities. Check with local nonprofits, offer to be available to local radio stations and generally seek out any engagement that might be interested in you and your topic. Don’t forget that you can reach many people by going online and doing a YouTube video or a weekly podcast.

As you develop and strengthen your reputation, remember that you only get one first impression. Every message that you send out should ALWAYS represent you in a positive manner. Your personal branding is as important as any major corporation’s brand. Your career is your business, make the most of it!

If you would like to discover other helpful tips about marketing yourself, visit me at or send me (Daryl Gessner) an email at

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